Dayton, OH Gutter Guard Installations 

Our Process

With each new installation of our GutterShutter System, our mission is to ensure they outlast the lifespan of the home. Every installation of our gutter protection system, in the Dayton, OH area begins with the first step: a free inspection and estimate. After we complete the inspection and you’ve decided that a GutterShutter System is the solution for your home, our team will schedule a day and time that fits your schedule to complete the installation. Once complete, our team will be there to resolve any service-related issues you may come across in the future. 

Step 1: The Inspection

We start every project that comes our way with a free onsite inspection of your current gutter situation. A Factory Representative from our Dayton, OH Sales Division will visit your residence and will walk with you through the visual inspection while getting key measurements of your home. The representative will answer all your GutterShutter System-related questions, followed by an estimate good for an entire year.

Step 2: Installation Day

The most vital aspect of any gutter system installation is ensuring it’s securely fastened to your home. To make certain this happens, we utilize our proprietary GutterStud brackets on each of our Gutter Shutter installations in Dayton, OH, and the neighboring communities. To set our materials apart from the poorly made plastic or glass-filled polypropylene alternatives, our brackets consist mostly of virgin nylon material. With this composition, our brackets will hold up for decades and will be nearly immune to the elements. Rather than rivets or nails, we use two 3-inch galvanized screws to attach our GutterStuds directly to your home’s fascia board. We do this to guarantee your fascia boards are safe from moisture, as the system will remain in the same place forever and never pull away from your home. Each member of our professional team is trained to deliver the ideal installation on every home in Dayton, OH, to ensure the GutterShutter System is installed to perfection. 

Once your GutterShutter System has been installed, that will likely be the last time you ever see our team! Should you require assistance in the future, however, our Dayton-based team of gutter experts will be there to help. 

Step 3: Handling Issues

If your system encounters an issue, get in touch with us as soon as possible. One of our Dayton, OH GutterShutter technicians will come to your home to evaluate the problem. Then, they will make a diagnosis and deliver you an effective solution.

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